Farming activities

A unique School for teaching Hi-tech Agriculture for the rural uneducated youths of North India. Students are exposed to the theory and practical's of Hi tech farming including poly house farming, cultivation in grow bag, soil less cultivation and precision farming. Faithcity B’ School is the fulfillment of vision of P R Baby former Scientist in NPOL, a research organization under DRDO, Govt. of India. During his official tour all over India pastor P R Baby came across the problems and poor living conditions of youths in the villages of North India and felt that some intervention is required for the up liftment for them to stand on their feet. It was found that agriculture & allied sector is the best way to generate income in North Indian Villages for these rural youths. 10 years back a bone meal factory with 6 acres of land was purchased and infrastructure facilities like class room, hostel, dinning, rooms for faculty, guest rooms were arranged. So far 7 batches of students were completed their studies and successfully living in their villages. Now it has become an Integrated farm with cultivation of vegetables in rain shelter, grow bags, open precision farming, soil less cultivation, different varieties of banana, tapioca, nutmeg, coconut and exotic fruit plants. Few more buffaloes, cow, goats and hen were added to the farm and aquaculture is initiated in a big pond constructed for that.

All the farm produce, value added products and fish from the farm is distributed among the community members and thus helping them to access safe to eat food. During 2014 – 15 financial year Faithcity B’ School received the first prize for the best Vegetable farm of Ernakulum district. In addition to agriculture these youths are taught to make cakes, soaps and detergents, stitching, plumbing and electrification and driving. By this Faithcity B’ School is a model in building rural India and also shouldering the activities of food security of the nation and partakers in the building of rural India.